ICYMI: New AOTB Episode on P-Funk All-Star George Clinton & his “Maggot Brain”


So are you ready to take a trip to the outer reaches of funk? Then you don’t want to miss our latest episode featuring the legendary musician, George Clinton, and his groundbreaking album, “Maggot Brain.”

George Clinton, the mastermind behind Parliament-Funkadelic, is known for pushing the boundaries of music like no other. And “Maggot Brain,” released in 1971, is a sonic journey that will leave you mesmerized.

Picture this: a cosmic blend of psychedelic rock, soulful funk, and mind-altering lyrics. “Maggot Brain” takes you on an intergalactic voyage through Clinton’s unique musical universe. With tracks like the 10-minute masterpiece “Maggot Brain,” prepare to have your senses ignited as the guitar solos reach unparalleled heights of emotion and intensity.

But it’s not just about the music. Our podcast delves into the captivating stories behind the album, exploring Clinton’s influences, the creative process, and the impact “Maggot Brain” had on the music industry.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of George Clinton or simply curious about the origins of funk music, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to groove to the rhythm of “Maggot Brain” and discover why it continues to be hailed as a timeless masterpiece.

Stay tuned, folks! More mind-expanding episodes are coming your way. Until then, keep the groove alive!