NDP HQ | Sept 2023


The Latest from NDP HQ

Hey all – Hope the past few months have been good to you – We wanted to give you an update on all our latest projects:

Art of the Beholder – Our talk show on all things Art

You’ve probably caught on by now – as we’ve released 90 episodes and counting – but we mixed in a new segment over the summer: Art of the Beholder “Afterhours”.  The concept is pretty straight forward – we leave the mics on after the show and riff on everything and nothing – just fun, random chit-chat. 

Now if you’re looking for our usual polished episodes – Afterhours may not be your cup of tea – but if you like hearing us (and we’d like to hope you do) shoot the shit on all things AOTB, current events, and pop culture, then “Afterhours” might be the perfect, brief escape from the daily grind…so come join us at the bar for “Afterhours!”

To listen to all 90+ episodes – Afterhours included – check out the podcast on Spotify (link), Apple (link), YouTube (link), or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Adul(ter)ation Audiobook

For those of you familiar with our flagship literary universe (The Entropy Sessions universe), you know that “Adul(ter)ation” a follow-up novella exploring the world of adult entertainment that takes place in the same world, is available in paperback on Amazon (link). 

And we’re proud to announce that the audiobook version will soon be available exclusively on Audible! We’re in the final stages of post-production/QA, which means we anticipate the release of it in late September or October.  

2 NEW books in progress

Lastly, between the podcast and a few other creative endeavors, Novo has still been busy churning away on his next 2 full-length feature novels.  The first one – “Til the Bitter [End]emic” – is in final editing and formatting.  And the second – name TBA – just finished first edits/formats and is coming along nicely. We can’t release any more details on the latter, but keep an eye out for new updates later this fall.

Before we sign off on this update, we would be remiss if we didn’t share our heartfelt condolences with the Buffett family.  Buck, our very own reformed Parrothead, put it so very eloquently when he heard the devastating news, “While he came into our lives as the son of a son of a sailor, he left us all with pencil-thin mustaches and cheeseburgers in paradise. Come Monday, the oldest surfer on the beach will be catching perfect waves and even better vibes at the big Margaritaville in the sky.”

Until next month, be good to each other.