What’s Going On | NDP HQ May 2023


It’s been awhile since we checked in with everyone, we plan on making this a more frequent occurrence so it’s easier for everyone to stay in tune with all the latest content we’re workshopping (note the usage of the word plan and not promise…).

Art of the Beholder

As we’ve eclipsed 75 published episodes (not including Quick Cuts and other shorts), we’ve continued to bring in new contributors. Catch up on all the latest episodes on Spotify (link), Apple (link), YouTube (link), or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Latest episodes included:

  • How the Dark Web affects the Art Community w/ guest cybersecurity expert Nathan Brady (link)
  • An Interview with musician Owen Beverly of self-titled and Indianola fame (link)
  • A deep-dive on George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, and “Maggot Brain” with Alexandra Parsons (link)
  • The conclusion of our 3-part series on Art History, with a conversation about the Avant-garde movement with Buck (link)
  • Reliving the Golden Years of Stevie Wonder with Alexandra Parsons (link)

Adul(ter)ation Audiobook

For those of you familiar with our flagship literary universe (The Entropy Sessions universe), you know that Adul(ter)ation a follow-up novella exploring the world of adult entertainment that takes place in the same universe, is available in paperback on Amazon (link). Lately, we’ve been in the process of recording the audiobook version, which we’re targeting a release later this year.

2 NEW books in progress

Lastly, between the podcast and a few other creative endeavors, Novo has still been busy churning away on his next 2 full-length feature novels.  While we can’t release too many details about these yet, keep an eye out in the coming months for more details about when these will be hitting bookshelves (digital and physical).

Between the Podcast, the Audiobook recording, and the 2 writing projects in flight, we’re staying busy at NDP HQ with the goal of continuing to put out thought-provoking content…but there’s no way we could continue to chase this little dream of ours without the awesome help of our regular collaborators – Philip, TBuck, and Alexandra – as well as our latest guests – Nathan, Owen, Jessie the Bakewitch, and more – so even if you don’t want to toss us a like/subscribe/whatever to please the algo gods, maybe do it for them? Yea? Yea.

Until next month, be good to each other.