The Story

Our mission is evolution.

Novo Dé Productions has always been a multimedia venture - it started with writing - but that was merely the beginning.

Our aim is to inspire positive, powerful, and progressive change in as much as we can,
from the little to the big...

By pushing the boundaries of art and its different mediums, embracing provocative subject matter, challenging imagery, and thought-provoking ideas.

So our focus will be far-reaching, not just on one thing, but many...

The Collective


Creative Lead | Design | CCO

Tom Jestus

Graphic Design

Clayton Anderson

Operations Lead | Management | Business & Legal

The Collaborators


Executive Contributor | Podcast Hosting

Philip Church

Audiobook Narrator | Sound Design | Editing

T.V. Sciortino

Beta-Reading | Editing

Joseph Mikelait

Music Supervisor