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The Entropy Sessions | the Audiobook | Now Available on Audible

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Narrated by Philip Church of

Art of the beholder
A Podcast | Q4 2021

Art of the beholder is a show dedicated to all things eclectic in the world of art. Hosted by Novo Dé, the aim is to explore it all. Through a mix of history, opinions, editorials, and a general love for deep dive discussions, Novo and his team will journey through the ever-cascading depths of music, film, literature, traditional and contemporary art, to find what’s at the center. If it’s important to the community, the aim is to discuss it – one fun, weird, and tangent-filled talk at a time. Why? To help you understand why damn things matter of course…


The NDP Collective has also been working on a variety of music, such as themes for other pieces or projects, as well as traditional songs, experiments and standalone compositions - once we have a collection worth sharing - we'll share it here.