Art of the Beholder – New This Week – Poetry | The Beat Generation


Are you a history enthusiast with a passion for literature, music, and art? Do you find yourself yearning for the rebellious spirit of the past? Well look no further! Get ready to embark on an electrifying adventure through time with our newest podcast episode, the ultimate show dedicated to the enigmatic and groundbreaking “Beat Generation.”

Take a trip with us through the “Beat Generation,” an influential literary and cultural movement that revolutionized the 20th century. Our podcast delves deep into the lives and works of the iconic Beat poets and writers like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs, as well as many more, shedding light on their quest for freedom, individuality, and self-expression.

Join us as we breathe life into the bohemian world of the 1950s and ’60s, where the Beats thrived, challenging societal norms and inspiring generations to come. Delight in the evocative storytelling of their epic road trips, jazz-infused poetry readings, and candid conversations that shook the foundations of conventional thinking to its core.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sounds of jazz, blues, and bebop that formed the backdrop of the Beat Generation’s creativity. Follow us on a journey through the underground coffee houses, smoky jazz clubs, and literary salons where the Beat poets and artists congregated to share their art and beliefs.

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